'We are privileged to work in this tranquil place known as Barnasrahy with its rolling pastures and stunning landscape'

We work together to raise cows that produce the best quality milk possible.


Agatha looks after the cows, she has milk running through her veins, she understands cows – the way they function, what makes them tick.


Vincent takes care of the machinery, the feed - fresh grass in summer and quality silage during winter.

We're very proud of what we do as dairy farmers, producing a first class product and taking great care of our cows. Dairying for us is more than a job, it's a lifestyle and you have to like it although it’s sometimes tough. We deal with the animals, the weather and the fluctuating markets, all on a daily basis. 
But we wouldn’t have it any other way, we live and breathe this, caring about the well being of our stock, the upkeep of our facilities and the sustainability of the area we live in.
Cows have been milked on our family farm since 1931 when the original holding of 40 acres was purchased by Agatha's grandfather. The farm was a more 'mixed' enterprise then as potatoes, vegetables and cereals were grown and sheep and beef cattle were kept.
As the dairy herd expanded during the 1960's fresh milk was bottled on the farm and sold door to door in Sligo town. In 1975, Agatha's dad Tommie, along with other progressive dairy farmers in the region set up a milk plant to process, package, market and distribute local farmer's milk. Dairy farming was now on an upward trajectory and our farm was gradually increasing cow numbers.
Today we are a specialised dairy unit milking 60 high yielding, pure bred Holstein cows. The first pedigree cows were registered under the 'Viewmount' prefix in 1967 and daughters from these cow families are still prevalent in today's herd.
  • Location: Barnasrahy, Sligo, Ireland
  • Owners: Agatha & Vincent McGee
  • Hectares: 48
  • Grazing Platform: 30 hectares 
  • Dairy Cows: 60 
  • Dairy Replacements: 30
After many years we still get excited about our profession. We still have that enthusiasm when we see a cow that just had a calf – especially if it’s a heifer! We're wondering what can this calf turn into in two years time? It’s exciting and we like to tell people about it.
We share our passion for farming by hosting educational tours to teach students about our business, where their milk comes from and the challenges farmers face.

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Pedigree Holsteins

Since 1961
Gathering cows for milking 1962